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As a Toronto-based income property investor, having a trustworthy, knowledgeable and most importantly, an in-city set of eyes and ears is critical. Dino not only demonstrated deep expertise in helping me to sell my property at a 20% sales price premium, he was extremely proactive in resolving problems. Dino’s strong relationship management skills were invaluable in helping me resolve unexpected & tricky tenant/property management issues that arose during the completion of the sale. I would highly recommend Dino for any out-of-town based investors in particular, as a trustworthy and results-driven Partner.

Jason Leung, Executive MBA


Dino, I would like to thank you for your help in purchasing the property on Park Row. The high caliber of service provided by you was flawless. I know it can be difficult acting for the seller and the buyer. You were able to bring both sides together seamlessly and most importantly through your considerable effort and finesse in dealing with appraisers, lenders and lawyers, the deal closed successfully. Your strong work ethic and drive for success will serve you and your clients extremely well. I look forward to completing many more deals with you.

Sonia Jain


Before working with Dino and his knowledgeable and experienced staff at Investpro Realty I was lost. I knew I wanted to invest, but I didn’t know how or where to begin. Dino’s honest and straight forward approach was unbelievable and definitely a breath of fresh air. With Dino’s guidance my real estate investment knowledge went from zero to hero in a very short time. I could finally grasp CAP rates, ROI, and other investment concepts and use them to quickly evaluate opportunities! I look forward to working with Dino and his team for all of our future real estate investments. I highly recommend Dino and his amazing team.

Domenic Trepasso


Appraising commercial, industrial and investment properties requires a higher level of research, in comparison to appraising non-investment type properties. With respect to appraising multiple family properties, the ability to obtain reliable operating statements, in order to better understand the vendors and/or purchasers decision making process, is paramount.
I am impressed with how detailed the marketing packages that Dino Nicosia of Investpro Realty prepares and provides his clients with. The detailed and well thought-out statements included as part of the marketing packages he prepares also benefits appraisers, who relies on the information provided in completing appraisals on these types of multiple residential use properties. Your efforts are much appreciated.

A. (Tony) Zingaro, B.A. (Econs.), AACI, P. App., PLE


We got to know Dino starting from reading his articles, his knowledge and expertise impressed us so much. Recently we bought a multi-unit residential apartment from him, as a seller’s agent, Dino showed his professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm through and after entire transaction. We are now starting to work on the next opportunity… We feel we are blessed to have Dino as an agent and advisor in our long term investment plan. Thanks Dino!

Sabrina Wang


Dino sold my building quickly and for a great price. The sale process was discreet and every step of the sale was done without intruding on my tenants’ privacy. I received multiple offers and the due diligence stage was clean and thorough.

Lawrence Z.


I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a 28 unit apartment building from Dino Nicosia. It was not easy to find a professional like Dino, where his experience and guidance made me feel like he truly represented my best interests. Dino also opened my eyes to potential income and savings that I would have initially over looked.

Mark Knodell


Dino was a true professional throughout this difficult sale. I was glad to have his help and his associate Kandy was wonderful!

Pam Del Franco


Both Dino and Kandy have been invaluable with their knowledge of the Hamilton market and their real estate expertise. They have used their experience to get difficult deals completed with ease and at every stage of the deal are always available to offer great advice. I recommend Investpro to anyone looking for investment properties in the Hamilton region.

Cameron Macey


Dino, you are awesome. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me. I secured the insurance….thanks for the introduction. Everyone you introduced to me has been wonderful. It’s like a one stop for everything.

Joy Nneji


I had the opportunity to work with Dino to purchase a multi-unit residential property in January 2010. His knowledge, professionalism and experience in this field ensured this investment met my criteria and he went out of his way to ensure it met his stringent criteria. Dino is a true professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any buyer/seller

Angelo Carofano MBA, CMA / Vice-President, Finance & Administration


Investpro helped me find two investment properties this past year. Kandy was integral to the whole process. She was very patient, quick to answer any questions. Dino is a great resource and connected me with everything from trades people to property management. I will use Investpro for my next purchase.

David Chun


Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated your help. You were very prompt and took care of business in a timely way. Easy to talk to with a sense of humor (not always found in business people). You made me feel that
you had my best interests at heart, not just the commision (as so often is the case).
Thanks again for a job well done,

Judith Downes


Fantastic, courteous, trustworthy and capable.

Gloria Franchi


It is my pleasure to write briefly about my experience of working with Mr. Dino Nicosia of Investpro Realty & Appraisal Ltd. Brokerage of Burlington, Ontario. About ten years ago we sold our apartment building on Duke Street in Hamilton, Dino was the agent of the buyer. He helped very much to make the transaction smooth and uneventful. Recently, Dino was on my side when I sold the residence-commercial building on James Street in Hamilton. Dino’s advice in every step was simple, clear and very honest so that I could have a realistic assessment of the situation so that a reasonable and best decision could be made. Dino’s service as a real estate agent is most effective and his personal touch is very pleasant.

Weiko Lu


Dino is one of the most trustworthy and honourable people I had the pleasure of doing business with. He is someone that really looks after his clients best interest. Dino is extremely knowledgeable and has his finger on the pulse of the market, he takes you through every step of the process, you never feel your alone. These are some of the reasons I have done business with Dino multiple times and will continue to do business with him again in the future. Dino has a saying that when you do business with him you have a partner for life and I can attest to that; he is a man of his word. Dino has helped me in the past long after the deal was done. I know when I ask his advise regarding my rental properties, he will always promptly returned my calls, and gives me good solid advise. I’m very cautious when recommending someone because my reputation is on the line and I take that very seriously, I feel very comfortable in recommending Dino to my family, friends and fellow investors.

Gerry Silva


We don’t even know where to start in thanking you for your exceptional service with regards to the sale of our rental property. We were very excited and relieved when you brought in an offer within 2 weeks of the property being listed Despite the frustrations, you always managed to remain calm and represented us in a professional manner; keeping our best interests in mind. It was always you that went over and above to ensure that this sale would go through up until the very last day. Thank you again for everything. If we decide to invest in another property we know who to contact; and we will definitely refer you to family and friends.

Len and Diana Mammoliti


Commercial and Multi tenant real estate can be a frustrating and challenging environment to deal in. Dino worked hard with us right from the beginning and showed us that in this market today you require a lot of patience. Dino has a wealth of knowledge in multi-tenant properties and had the experience to market our property to today’s buyers. I would recommend Dino to any investor big, or small for buying or selling as he has proved to us he is committed to working hard for you.

S. Chmura


I found out about Dino Nicosia about three years ago when researching investment properties that fit our company criteria. Recently we purchased a large multi residential complex through Dino and the professionalism, service and follow through shown by Dino and the Investpro Realty team was first rate. Thank you Dino for a great job done and we look forward to more business dealings with you and Investpro Realty in the future.

A. Mansur Hussein


It has been a pleasure working with Dino. He has helped us purchase two multifamily units this year. Dino is professional, reliable, and an all around great guy to work with.

Asif Ghayoor. P.Eng.


Dino had good advice for both multi residential and commercial units for a first time buyer. He showed interest by keeping a happy medium between buyer and seller. Has good communication skills and is very easy to get a hold of with quick response. Dino never gave up despite my financial situation. He really made it happen for me.

Jose. M


Dino was invaluable in closing the deal for the multi-residential property he listed on my behalf. During a period of increasingly tight credit and strict borrowing guidelines, he stayed abreast of the changes and was an important liaison of this information to all parties. Dino stayed on top of this deal to the end and showed initiative and creativity in organizing financing.

D. Stevens


I’ve worked with Dino since mid 2009 and have had a very positive experience. He is very knowledgeable about real estate investing in Hamilton, and is one of the few people whose advice and opinion I have learned to trust. He’s worked with me as a partner in finding suitable investments, and through the often long and arduous process of completing a purchase. I would recommend him to anyone looking to invest in multi-unit residential real estate in Hamilton.

Sumit Taneja


For a company that invests in multi-family residential properties, finding a knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate agent is vital to our success. Dino’s professionalism and understanding of this industry were the main reasons we decided to work with him.

David Janssens
Onekaland Company


Dino provided excellent service and worked very hard to sell my building. He followed through on every aspect and was quick to respond to requests for information.

Tim Matheson
Braebet Properties


I have finished my last 3 deals buying properties through Dino. Each deal was unique and not easy to successfully accomplish. In all 3 deals Dino was representing the Seller and the Buyer. During the whole deal I felt that I am the much important person in the deal and to my surprise the Seller had the same feeling about him as well. Whenever there was difficulty Dino was there with a solution. The key is that Dino does not focus on problems he comes always with innovative solutions. I do regret only; why I did not know Dino earlier. In addition to knowledge and experience there is also great personality.

Akil Thabet


I have worked with many different real estate agents both in the US and here in Ontario. I cannot say enough about the quality of service provided by Dino Nicosia. Not only Dino is highly knowledgeable, but also he is one of the most ethical, frank and direct individuals I have come across. I was completely blown away when I saw how hard he worked to list and eventually sale my 21 unit apartment building. Whenever there was a questions or a concern, Dino was there to share his vast knowledge and assist with getting the process to move ahead. It soon became obvious that Dino has unparalleled skills when it comes to negotiation. I highly recommend Dino Nicosia to any buyer or seller as his service in this area is truly unmatched.

Reza Amidi


“Dino’s specialized knowledge related to apartment building real estate as an investment is unmatched by any other in the market making him the only person you’d ever want to use when considering investing in this segment of the market.”

Rob Cagnin, CFP, AMP
Mortgage Planner


Dino helped me sell my 6-plex in 48 hours after it’s on the market. When every bank said “no” to the buyer for residential mortgage on this 6-plex, Dino managed to find “yes”– creative methods to finance the deal that created win-win for all parties. I trust every client of Dino will be fortunate to work with him–the most talented of all.

Oliver Gu, Success Coach, Real Estate/Commodities Investor since 1999


“I would like to share my experience in dealing with Dino Nicosia in the listing and eventual sale of my 26 units apartment bldg. Dino’s knowledge and expertise in the multi-residential market was evident in the entire process leading up to closing.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dino to anyone interested in buying or selling their investment properties.”

T. Vejvalka
Tomex Investments


“I have dealt with Dino and some of his clients in the capacity of both as a mortgage lender and as a mortgage broker for over 10 years. During this period, I have assisted numerous buyers with their financing needs. I have found that Dino’s knowledge and understanding of investment properties has assisted greatly with the financing and the closing process. He assists his clients with every step to ensure a smooth transition. I look forward to dealing with Dino and his clients in the future.”

Art Meneian
Personal Mortgage Group


“I have been working with Dino Nicosia for over 15 years, first in small residential and then in multi-residential and commercial buildings. Dino is always a key player on my team when it comes to real estate investing. Dino brings expertise, service and enthusiasm to the team, a key ingredient to success in your next project.”

R. Adoranti


“Having dealt with Dino personally on both the Buying and Selling side on large Multi Residential Buildings we found him to be diligent, upfront, knowledgeable and trustworthy. He has always provided us excellent service not only during the transactions but years after as well.”

Z. Esmail


“Dino’s knowledge of the multi-unit market is rivalled only by his energy and professionalism.”

R. Kovacs, (Lawyer)


“Thanks to Dino that I am in the mortgage business today and a true believer that real estate is one of the best investments anyone can make. If you are going to make real estate part of your portfolio, use an expert like Dino who specializes in investment properties.”

Ray Silvestri
Mortgage Architects


“Dino has provided me with exceptional service and has guided me with his valuable experience since the beginning.
As his client I feel that I am the number one priority and all my concerns are addressed promptly in an ethical and professional manner.
I hope to continue to do business with him for a long time because it’s easy to make money when you have Dino as your partner!”

Zvonimir Zinic


“Having worked with Dino on two separate projects – both of which achieved the desired results, I can clearly say , without hesitation , that Dino has earned his reputation of delivery. Dino does what he says he is going to do….this provides him with integrity and me with confidence. His results oriented style and frank, direct feedback enabled me to make the right choices at the right time….As an investor , one of the best assets to acquire is to surround yourself with well informed, execution driven leaders in the field to help you not only execute your strategy but to help shape it…this is a value added service that very few provide….this is Dino’s greatest value proposition…..anyone can sell real estate or manage properties…Dino provides his clients with wisdom, experience and opportunities…Dino provided both insight and experience which resulted in ROI’s far greater than I originally expected. I would highly recommend Dino as one of the few craftsman of his field.”

Charles Salameh
Vice President: Nortel Global Services


“I would like to take this opportunity, to say thanks for the professional way you handled my first investment property. From start to finish including managing my property Dino, you are second to none. Fielding many phone calls, and taking the time to make sure my interests were #1. I feel you are my Investment Partner For Life.”

David Crumback