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Real Estate’s Long Term Investment Strategy
Can Be Compared To The Chinese Bamboo

By Dino Nicosia, Broker of Record,
Investpro Realty Ltd.

This is my favourite article that I like to share with my investors and clients at least once every year, to keep them reminded of the foundation of Real Estate Wealth.

Worth Waiting For… North American investors who are obsessed with the next quarter’s results, in contrast with their Chinese counterparts, might draw a lesson from the example of the Chinese Bamboo.
Consider the Chinese Bamboo: first the seed is planted. It is watered. It is fertilized. But the first year nothing happens. The second year it is watered and fertilized again, but nothing happens. The same process is repeated during the third and fourth years; still nothing happens.
Yet, during the fifth year, in a period lasting no more than six weeks, the bamboo grows to an imaginable 90 feet. The big question is… “Did the bamboo grow 90 feet in six weeks, or 90 feet in five years?”
The answer is five years. The reason is “because at any time during that interval, had fertilizing and water not been maintained, the plant would have died.”

Similar to the bamboo, real estate, in the long term will increase in value. You may not see the growth right away, however, by taking care of the investment and being patient, in time you will see tremendous growth. The key is to “buy and hold” for the long term.

History has proven over and over, that Real Estate is a solid investment long term investment. Real Estate is a true hedge against inflation with the potential to bring excess wealth to the Wise Investor.

Chinese Bamboo